Things are alright!

Things are alright!
Photo by Aaron Burden / Unsplash

Hey friends! It was quite the week but I'm back with another newsletter. It's interesting: before I started picking this back up I didn't really think a lot of interesting things happened but now that I'm keeping track of them, it turns out things are going pretty well!

Stay safe out there, enjoy this week's newsletter and we'll chat soon!


✅ Cool things I did this week

  • I was able to get through a minor technical hurdle and gave the blog home on the site. You can find prior editions in the Newsletter section now! Slowly approaching full-blown web developer status.
  • I finished reading my first book for 2022. Ironically, it's called Make Time and it took me 2 months to read because I couldn't find time for it, but it was an easy read with great tips on how to focus on things that matter to me.
  • I'm making waves again. I'm a big fan of the note-taking software Obsidian and this week, I casually named a new theme by popular Obsidian enthusiast Nick Milo. Here's the tweet to prove it!

✍🏽 This week's post

9 Reasons the Tesla Model Y Is a Great Family Car
If you’re in the market for a new family car and you’re also considering an EV, here are 9 reasons the Tesla Model Y is a great family car.

❤️ This weeks' favorite things

  • If you have Amazon Echos, did you know you could use them as an intercom or to announce things? It's a feature I knew existed but didn't use until a friend brought it up. Now I use it all the time. Try it out!
  • I'm trying to read more books I'm interested in and remembered Libby! It's an app that lets you use your library card to check out ebooks and audiobooks for FREE. Even better, you can read books from your Kindle or the Kindle App.
  • Homestead exemptions! This is lame, I know, but as a new homeowner, I was delighted to know Harris County has an app that lets me submit an application. No paper, no PDFs.
  • Lastly, in the spirit of getting our ish together and taking advantage of our waning holiday spirit, this ornament storage box and organizer has made next Christmas 1,000% less stressful.  

🤳 Creator inspo

This week I found Jason Staat's channel, where he makes YouTube videos for accountants. It's not as boring as you'd think! Think tech + productivity channel colliding with accounting.